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running for stolen lives

NOTICE: The Twin Cities Marathon and 10-Mile Races were canceled the morning of the race due to weather conditions. While many runners are deeply disappointed, we are grateful that there are people looking out for our wellness. The George Floyd Global Memorial is proud of our team. Composed of people from New York, Florida, Iowa and Minnesota, we race-trained for months to help our nation remember that we still have work to do to end racism. That is what building this memorial is all about. When we remember, we are less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past. Thank you to all of our Marathon and 10-Mile runners who trained but could not race today. Thank you for being willing to race for racial justice.



Congratulations to Ms. Angela Harrelson (George Floyd’s Aunt) and Ms. Eliza Wesley (Gatekeeper) for completing the Twin Cities in Motion 5K race! We are so proud of you!


It’s not too late to give to support their race!

A World Seeking Racial Equality

In the face of ongoing violence and systemic racism, our society is desperately seeking ways to address racial inequality and honor the memory of those who have suffered at the hands of injustice. The challenge we face is expressing our communal grief and rising up in action that sparks change.

Envision a Just and Inclusive Future

As we come together to remember the stories of resistance and celebrate the lives lost, we build a foundation for achieving racial equity. Through joint efforts in commemoration, we

Uplift marginalized voices

Inspire a united front

Lay the groundwork for a
just and inclusive future

A Living Memorial for Unity and Justice

The George Floyd Global Memorial provides a space for individuals and organizations to unite, remember, and stand together with victims and their families in the ongoing fight against racial injustice. Our platform offers opportunities for all to contribute to a global movement for racial justice and create tangible change.

We Share Your Vision for Equity

At the George Floyd Global Memorial, we understand the pain and outrage that racial injustice inflicts on communities. We became a global memorial through the uprising, and the family of George Floyd chose to govern and care for this memorial with the community. Our team is committed to fostering dialogue, sharing stories of resistance, and offering space for a collective expression of sorrow and a path for people to come together to support racial justice and remember victims of injustice.

Join the Movement in Three Simple Steps

Choose Your Path

Participate in a pilgrimage, host or attend exhibits, sponsor or join events.

Share Your Story

Tag @gfgmemorial on social media or email your story of uprising and support for racial justice.

Make a Contribution

Donate through our website or on social media to support the Memorial and its mission for change.

George Floyd Global Memorial navigates directly to the action that supports and centers black artists in their ability to create positive change and inspiration though out the community. The work made possible by GFGM is unmeasurably valuable to our collective justice and honest narrative.

Jordan Powell Karis

GFGM is the heart and soul of our community! Every time I’ve partnered with the organization—whether for events, pilgrimages for visitors from around the world, or in maintaining the people’s memorial at 38th and Chicago—their approach is always community-minded, anti-racist, and takes into thoughtful consideration the nuances of our complex and diverse neighborhood.

Jenny M. Jones

Neighbor of 38th and Chicago

GFGM has become an epicenter for social justice and change. GFGM investment into its own community is the definition of philanthropy and community driven

Michael Smith

Community Needs Community

George Floyd Square has been such a haven for young people like myself, to creatively express themselves and be in a safe space for abolition. It’s become a shelter, garden, memorial, and really embodies what community looks like. I’m so grateful to experience a memorial as a young person TODAY, and not have to wait for an injustice to be memorialized decades AFTER the tragedy, like so many others before George Floyd.

Jerome Richardson

Executive Director of Minnesota Teen Activists

Transform Pain into Progress, Together

Join us as we walk the path toward racial justice and empowerment by supporting the George Floyd Global Memorial. By collaborating, we can:

Start your journey today and become a catalyst for change.