George Floyd Global Memorial Celebration

Rise & Remember 2023

Ubuntu: Make the Impossible, Possible

May 25-27, 2023

3rd Annual
Rise & Remember

George Floyd Global Memorial (GFGM) and the community at George Floyd Square will host a portion of their 3rd Annual Rise & Remember celebration at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, MN.

Rise and Remember exists to hold in remembrance those we have lost to the pervasive impacts of systemic racism, and to gather people to pursue racial justice and equity. Throughout Rise and Remember, we will host a two-day conference, a candlelight vigil, a gala, and a festival. Our vision is that through this annual event, we can inspire people to rise to the occasion, come together in community, and build racial equity.

Rise and Remember Event Schedule

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Ubuntu: Make the Impossible, Possible

Our theme for Rise & Remember 2023 is Ubuntu: Make the Impossible, Possible. Ubuntu is a South African word and philosophy translated as, “I am, because we are.” It derives from the Xhosa (Kōs-uh) language and acknowledges the relationship between one’s self and humanity. Ubuntu directly challenges western ideals of individualism with ideals of collectivism. Essentially, it values people over profit, community over individualism, and collective power over individual power. When we see how our humanity is inextricably bound up in the humanity of others, we will be moved to guarantee liberation, equity, and justice for all.

Rise and Remember Event Schedule


We need you! There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities throughout all three days. We could use all the help we can get. Feel free to sign up as a team!


Rise & Remember heavily depends on supporters to make this event possible. All donations will go towards making this event possible.


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